What kind of boats do Loch Ryan Leisure operate?

Our boat “New Venture” is a RIB  or Rigid Inflatable Boat, similar to those used by the RNLI and forces the world over. She is designed to work in the roughest of weather. When used for our rides she has to carry additional safety equipment and is approved by the Maritime Coastguard Association.


Our current boat “New Venture” is custom built for high speed trips. The builders Cobra™ RIBs have been building boats to a high standard for many years and have supplied them to users the world over.

What do the 30 minute trips include?

The 30 minute trip includes a full safety briefing after everyone is fitted with lifejackets and seated on the boat. Once everyone is happy we ease out off the marina to start our run around Loch Ryan. This is carried out at speeds upto 30kts (35mph) before returning safely to the marina.

What can I charter the boat for ?

Longer charters can be for gentle runs up the coast to see our may seals and bird colonies or for trips to the Isle of Man or Ailsa Craig. It is suggested that you contact us to talk over details for these trips as there are many variables we can offer.

Can you operate from anywhere else?

Yes, because of the versatility of the RIB we can tow her and launch from most slipways. We are already investigating launch points along the Soleway coastline and will look to run from Portpatrick and Kircudbright on a regular basis.

How safe is it on the boat?

The boat has saddle type seating for all passengers and crew with good hand holds. The safety equipment on board is all new and of the highest standards with regular checks being carried out. The lifejackets inflate automatically once they make contact with water and the skipper is not only an operational lifeboat crew member he has taken a full commercial course. All in all as safe as we can make it.

Weather Conditions/Unforseen Events

We can only sail in suitable weather conditions. In the event of an unusual or freak weather condition rapidly developing, our skippers reserve the right to abandon the trip and head for shelter. Likewise, in the event of a passenger showing signs of unreasonable behaviour (whatever the root cause) we will head for the nearest safe harbour. This is regretable, but your safety is paramount to Loch Ryan Leisure.